Section-built mattress Night Rest 2.0 with harder innerfoam

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NightRest 2.0 is built on the same principle as Neck Rest Pillow. Inner cushion has three sections where the middle part has softer padding. This provides an approach in landscape where the hips sink down deeper into the mattress. This is especially noteworthy in their side which gives a comfortable sleeping position where the spine more easily get a straight line.
New NightRest 2.0 has a covering of CoolMax Fresh FX fabric and a thicker padding.
Two variants of the same mattress. One side has a surface with 1000s soft peaks. These give a lying area which feels softer and lighter than the opposite side. If you choose to be on the flat surface feels different sections hardness more clearly. This provides adaptability for the user to select the page you find the most comfortable.

NightRest 2.0 with harder innerfoam
Recommended weight over 90 kg
200 x 80 x 12,5 cm
200 x 90 x 12,5 cm