Fitness training ball Anti-Burst Long-Life

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provides effective and fun training for balance and coordination while strengthening many muscle groups. The training never become monotonous because there are so many exercises that vary with. The balls are easy to use and the exercises can be performed both individually and in groups.
Balls are tested to withstand high loads. They have a so-called Anti Burst System that makes them unable to explode. The test was conducted at a high pressure (300 kg). That means greater security for you as a therapist and also for your patients.

Fitness training ball is perfect to use as a training tool in the clinic. They are also suitable for patients to use themselves at home for self-training.

Art nr: 8153
Anti-Burst Long-Life
Diameter 53 cm
For height below  170 cm

Art nr: 8165 
Anti-Burst Long-Life
Diameter 65 cm
For height 171–186 cm

Art nr: 8175 
Anti-Burst Long-Life
Diameter 75 cm
For height more than 187 cm