NeckRest Omega

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NeckRest Omega is designed to provide an individually adopted support for the head in rest while sitting in a chair. It can be used as rehabilitation of neck pain or to prevent adverse health effects.
The difference between NeckRest Omega and similar inflatable pillows on the market is that it has extra large side bolsters to provide better support for the head in lateral position. This provides a relief for the neck muscles. The user have possibility to get a high support for the head if it is fully inflated, also for long necks. And for users with short neck, it is easy to adopt the air pressure to get an individually tailored support for the head.
NeckRest Omega provides the possibility to get the exact right thickness and support for the head to suit the user.
The section behind the neck is designed to be as thin as possible to avoid the neck to be pushed forward.

Length 450 mm, height 230 mm, thickness max 120 mm.