Uniband training bands

Simple and versatile training

Uniband-stretchable latex free training bands, in five different levels of resistance, provides an optimal and individually adapted training. The bands are sold in rolls of 5.5 meters or 50 meters.
UniBand are developed and manufactured in the UK.
UniBands are also 100% Latex free to avoid allergy, and powder and odour free and has a non-slip surface which is always comfortable to work with.
UniBands is designed to provide a much more linear resistance compared to other similar bands, which is an important advantage in many types of rehab training. Many other types of bands on the market are usually progressive in its resistance, which is a disadvantage for Rehab training.
You can get versatile training that is easy and effective to perform. And for the user there is always the opportunity to bring the bands on trips since they take very little space and weight. The high elasticity of the bands up to over 200% gives a workout that works for, among other things:
  • Rehabilitation Training
  • Functional Training
  • Stretching
  • Strength Training

UniBand comes in the following five different colours and resistences.
All levels are sold in rolls with a length of 5.5 m and 50 m

  Yellow - Very light resistance suitable for training of elderly and severely impaired children and adults
•  Red - Light resistance for people with low strength
•  Green- Normal resistance in training of people with moderate muscle strength
•  Blue - Higher resistance used for more challenging training
•  Black- Maximum resistance used by well-trained athletes


Uniband accessories include a range of handles, door anchors and hooks. These products are compatible with Uniband Bands and are designed to assist the patient and allow a greater variation in exercise when using bands.


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