Against the Tide

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Co-authored by Ron Bybee, who has determinedly encouraged Robin to tell his story, this book will fascinate all those who have been involved with Robin and his ground-breaking discoveries for the better diagnosis and treatment of low back pain. Uncountable numbers of patients who have benefited from McKenzie therapy will also find it compelling.

Amusing memories of his childhood, youth and his student life offer much interest and Robin’s account of family and practice life in Wellington, New Zealand fill out the background to the development of his Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy.

This is a story of determination in the face of great obstacles and disappointments, but the very long and difficult journey Robin took to have his ideas recognized and used in treatment seems, finally, to have come to a happy conclusion. This book will both entertain and give readers pause for reflection on many matters. The foreword has been written by Vert Mooney, MD, one of the most respected researchers in the field of back pain in the USA.