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McKenzie Self-treatment books

New and revised self-treatment books for back, neck, shoulders and knees.

Books with new 4-color illustrations and photos.
All have Robin McKenzie as head writer who wrote the books in a way that makes it easy for readers to understand the content without having prior knowledge of care and treatment. The content shows why pain occurs and how the different exercises can treat their ailments yourself and get a quick rehabilitation.
Posture correction in sitting, standing and the right working technique is described and illustrated.
It also describes when you can treat yourself and when it's important to seek help, depending on whether the pain is centralized or not.
The books gives the patient the best conditions for an effective rehabilitation through activated with exercises, prevention training and understanding of the importance of posture correction. The books should be available in all patients who have a serious interest in becoming a permanently healthy and deal with their problems, and if necessary repeat the insights.
Self treatment books can also be used by medical personnel as an introduction of MDT.