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UniBand exercise band

Higher resistance used for more challenging training

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McKenzie Self-treatment books

For back, neck, shoulders and knees.

McKenzie books

The Original McKenzie

Neck and lumbar rolls

Shop McKenzie Lumbar rolls

The original McKenzie

Neck- & Lumbar Rolls

Designed specifically for the lower back. Use in an armchair, in the car or on an office chair.

Inflatable lumbar support

McKenzie® AirBack

Provides a unique opportunity of adapting the size to the user’s needs, thus achieving a suitable degree of postural correction. Ideal for commuters and travellers.

The Original McKenzie

The Original McKenzie Neck- and Lumbar rolls is one of our core selections.
Used and sold in Physiotherapist clinics all over Europe to patients who need to treat different types of back- and neck pain.

Comfortex Products

Our own brand Comfortex offers an additional selection of ergonomic products, training balls and other training equipment;


  • Wedge shaped sit cushions
  • Plateau cushion
  • Ergonomic pillows
  • Ergonomic mattresses
  • Fitness training balls and training equipment


  • Prevent back pain
  • Higher and firm sitting surface
  • Adjustable height
  • Made with a soft mid part for a correct posture

Best Selling Books

A collection of books written by Robin Mckenzie – including bestsellers in the Treat Your Own Range and the bestselling back book of all time.

Authorized distributor of “The Original McKenzie products”

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Correctly Use the Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll

Ergonline is the authorized distributor of “The Original McKenzie products”, like lumbar rolls, self-treatment books and specialist MDT literature for France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, and Greece.