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  • 36,45

    A medium hard back pad for prevention and treatment of low back pain Place the roll on the seat back of your chair just above belt line. Sit as far as possible and lean backwards. Place the belt around the seat back for fixation on your chair. The Original McKenzie […]

  • 23,95

    Handbook for  self treatment of low back pain. Can be read by all people, also without any medical eduction The needed book for self treatment of back pain. Recommended by Physiotherapists who works with the McKenzie method. A needed book for people who are seriously interested to achieve fast and […]

  • Comfortex Carpad

    For comfort and proper posture while driving Comfortex car seat cushion provides a comfortable sitting position through improved support for your lower back into the seat. It is easy to attach around car seat with a wide and extra long straps that are adapted for automotive seats. The belt is […]

  • 45,50

    Designed CarRest back cushion CarRest back cushion gives a comfortable and relieved position for the spine for drivers. It has a modern design to fit in to high standard and luxury car seats. To keep CarRest in place against the car seat at the band in a pocket of the […]

  • comfortex neckrest 2.0

    Ergonomic and adjustable pillow for optimized comfort. Comfortex NeckRest 2.0 gives you a comfortable reclining position for your head, neck and spine both when sleeping on your back and on your side. The softer centre section results in a lower height for the head when sleeping on your back and […]

  • 24,95

    The Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll is a soft back roll for prevention and treatment of low back pain. Use of the Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll Most suitable for people with a lenght more than 175 cm. Recommended for usage in sofas and armchairs with rather soft padding. How does the Original […]

  • Comfortex elevation plateau 39 x 39

    A firm cushion to sit on for increased sit level. Makes it easier to rise up from low sofas and chairs. Gives a higher and flat surface to sit on. Square shaped cushion size 39 x 39 cm. Inner foam Polyether and fabric cover by black corduroy 100% cotton Suitable […]

  • 35,95

    This pre-shaped roll is our most popular lumbar roll, it is made of high density foam, which retains support for an almost indefinite period. Suitable for permanent use, e.g. with office chairs. Length 360 mm, height 145 mm, thickness 50 mm.

  • Comfortex cousin nasale

    Coussin doux avec ouverture nasale pour le déposer sur la découpe de tête. En un matériau visco-élastique.Housse protectrice en tissu éponge en option.

  • 24,95

    The Original McKenzie® Slimline Lumbar Roll is designed to be used with modern seating that has some lumbar support, but not quite enough to properly support your lower back. Also ideal for elderly, petite persons and those who have a limited range of motion in their low back and therefore […]

  • Comfortex coussin visage à mémoire

    Coussin trou visage à mémoire de forme: Pour un confort encore accru de vos patients, le coussin visage à mémoire de forme se positionne au dessus du trou visage de votre table. Les protections jetables en non-tissé sont vendues séparément par lot de 100. Caractéristiques du Coussin trou visage à […]

  • Comfortex Ekoroll

    Lumbar roll made with natural materials EkoRoll can be used as lumbar roll for sofas and chairs. Cover made with linen and inside with sheep wool. In two sizes according to user’s lenght. EkoRoll For persons with height more than 175 cm diameter 120 mm, lenght 310 mm EkoRoll Mini […]