Advantages of the McKenzie method

Which advantages has the McKenzie Method?

Benefits for people with back or neck pain:
• the causes of back pain are better understood
• Learn what you can do for yourself against the pain
• Learn what you can do to prevent future complaints
• Learn how you can avoid causing pain everyday stress (eg in the office) effective
• learn when and which exercises are useful
• You will learn how to behave in the pain during the exercises
Other advantages are:
• The exercises for pain relief and prevention are simple and can be performed in a short time (also in leisure and work) anywhere
• The McKenzie-program does not require expensive workout equipment
Benefits for professionals, such as Doctors and physiotherapists:
The McKenzie family of products (books, tools, and seminars) provide security to the topics:
• They recognize reliably serious spinal disorders (Red flags)
• You can identify early those individuals who respond well to mechanical therapy
• You can divide the large group of non-specific back pain reliably in clinical subgroups.
• You learn a clinical examination method, the tests are reliable and valid
• You learn a targeted treatment program rather than nonspecific exercises
• You will learn safe manual techniques based on objective signs
• They recognize the benefits of good clinical examination compared with imaging techniques
• you learn clear communication patterns in research and therapy


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